Réseau Musicart

Musicart is a specialised management tool for music ensembles of any size

Why is Musicart essential for bands

Musicart is designed to meet the specific needs that music ensembles have

keep your ranks full

Know at a glance which musicians are available for your concerts and shows. Unavailable musicians can then be immediately replaced by a supernumerary so your band always performs at full potential.

Activity calendar

Keep all your activities centralised in a single calendar. Have at hand the band's schedule. The musicians will also have access to the band's schedule.

Centralised information

No more need for Doodle forms to organise your rehearsals. Say goodbye to the endless back and forth emails to coordinate the availability of your musicians.

Key features of Musicart

Musicart distinguishes itself by features adapted for day to day band management

01. Many bands

Let you manage more than one band from the same account. From the calendar, you have a summary of all the bands you belong to.

02. Stay updated

Receive instant notifications when a musician is no longer available. You will always be up to date with the latest changes.

03. Plan ahead

Plan your schedule while giving your musicians a weekly rehearsal plan. This way you avoid losing precious rehearsal time.

04. Discover

With the help of the integrated search tool, meet musicians and bands from your area and expand your professional circle.